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Our Story

Today, Lembah Bujang is an endless prospect of exploration with an exciting scenic area for everyone to enjoy, learn and participate. Understanding that nature conservation, cultural expansion, and tourism sector advances as a partnership process, Lembah Bujang are now being introduced as a sustainable village and ecotourism hub through local community initiatives.

Our Approach

We aim to provide a collaborative platform for community partnership in ensuring the Valley of Bujang is developed as a sustainable area that preserves natural treasures and cultural heritage, benefiting locals as well as tourists. In addition to local community members are invited to use this platform with ideas, project implementation or sharing knowledge in the way of preserving nature, cultural trails, village life, social entrepreneurship opportunities and so on.

Getting Here

Drive by Road

If you are coming through Penang International Airport (or Georgetown itself) you can opt for straight (45min.) drive to Sg. Petani via Express Highway – E1 (direction North) by crossing the bridge to mainland. Or you can chose to take the road through the panoramic rice paddies (via Kepala Batas).

Take A Flight

Lembah Bujang has in its proximities 2 major international airports (Penang & Langkawi Airport) and 1 domestic airport (Sultan Abdul Halim Airport, Alor Setar).

Ride On Train

There are regular trains to Sg. Petani running from many places in Malaysia, including Kuala Lumpur.
The most convenient arrival would be by commuter train Butterworth (20-min. ferry ride from Georgetown), where the Butterworth Railway Station share the complex with the Ferry Terminal. So it will be a short crossover walk from the ferry to the train. Trains are new and run relatively frequent (every 60-90min) with direction to Gurun, Padang Besar and other will get you to Lembah Bujang. Cost is less than 4 MYR on average (one-way).

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